Croft, unhoefflich, anmassend und arrogant (diplomiert).
Sie ist gerade nicht da.
Zuletzt war sie am Sonntag 22. April 2018 09:21:43 da.

Sie gehoert dem Pantheon an.

Croft ueber Croft:

PINBOL is best known for the chance involved in making its program run.
Three tries at running are allowed, after which the message "GAME OVER.
INSERT QUARTER AND TRY AGAIN" is displayed.  Some allowable PINBOL
instructions and their meanings are:
LEFT FLIPPER Illogical Left Shift
RIGHT FLIPPER Illogical Right Shift
SHOOT Try to Run

PINBOL is known to be extremely addictive.  Those who are fluent PINBOL
programmers are known as PINBOL WIZARDS.