Croft, unhoefflich, anmassend und arrogant (diplomiert).
Sie ist gerade nicht da.
Zuletzt war sie am Samstag 14. Juli 2018 23:29:57 da.

Sie gehoert dem Pantheon an.

Croft ueber Croft:
    A novice asked the master: "In the east there is a great tree-structure
that men call 'Corporate Headquarters'.  It is bloated out of shape with
vice-presidents and accountants.  It issues a multitude of memos, each
saying 'Go, Hence!' or 'Go, Hither!' and nobody knows what is meant.  Every
year new names are put onto the branches, but all to no avail.  How can
such an unnatural entity exist?"
    The master replies: You perceive this immense structure and are
disturbed that it has no rational purpose.  Can you not take amusement from
its endless gyrations? Do you not enjoy the untroubled ease of programming
beneath its sheltering branches? Why are you bothered by its uselessness?"
    -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"