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Titel: Grosse Literatur
Artikel: 99                                            Bezug: 0
Verfasser: Malimarc                                    Datum: 11.11.05 14:57:32
Gestern hatte ich die folgende E-mail Konversation, die ich (mit
Erlaubnis des Fragers) hier widergebe:

Frage: Dear Dr Conrad,

the Times Higher is carrying out a survey of 50 randomly selected
computer science department faculty for our opinion pages to which
I hope you will be able to contribute. The question is whether you
believe a computer game could one day be considered equal to a
great work of literature, in terms of the sophistication and power
of its interactive narrative? [..]
Yours sincerely, Steve Farrar

Worauf ich folgendes antwortete:

[] In my very personal opinion I can reassure you that the game
Unitopia (unitopia.uni-stuttgart.de ) in which I spend time both
as player and as a programmer in the years 1994-2000 is definitely
more sophisticated and powerful in terms of interactive narrative
then todays main-stream literature, take Harry Potter as an
In these days, the technology was quite crude, and the involved
programmers often where computing students. Clearly, given the
advance in usability and ubiquity of the underlying technology the
influence of "artistically" skilled people will continually
increase and eventually lead to even more "aesthetically sound"
computer games, that are comparable to - as you name it - great
works of literature.

Ha! "Interactive narrative", sowas machen wir hier doch mit links