UNItopia News: Brett Smalltalk, Gruppe Diskussion, Artikel 1250

Titel: Quiz
Artikel: 1250                                          Bezug: 0
Verfasser: Scharlotte                                  Datum: 12.02.03 12:15:36
Hier eine Textstelle, die ich neulich gelesen habe. Wer weiss wo's
her ist?

'He _wants_ to start a war ...' V. had to open his mouth because otherwise
there was no room to get his head around such a crazy idea. This man who
everyone said was honest, noble and good _wanted_ a war.

'Oh, certainly,' said A.. 'Nothing unites people like a good war.'

How could you deal with someone who thought like like that? V. asked
himself. A mere murderer, well, you had a whole range of options. He
could deal with a mere murderer. You had criminals and you had policeman,
and there was a sort of see-saw there which balanced out in some strange way.
But if you took a man who'd sit down and _decide_ to start a war, what in
the name of seven hells cold you balance him with? You'd need a
policeman the size of a country.