Croft, unhoefflich, anmassend und arrogant (diplomiert).
Sie ist gerade nicht da.
Zuletzt war sie am Dienstag 9. April 2024 05:42:34 da.

Sie gehoert dem Pantheon an.

Croft über Croft:
    There was once a programmer who was attached to the court of the
warlord of Wu.  The warlord asked the programmer: "Which is easier to
design: an accounting package or an operating system?"
    "An operating system," replied the programmer.
    The warlord uttered an exclamation of disbelief.  "Surely an accounting
package is trivial next to the complexity of an operating system," he said.
    "Not so," said the programmer, "when designing an accounting package,
the programmer operates as a mediator between people having different
ideas: how it must operate, how its reports must appear, and how it must
conform to the tax laws.  By contrast, an operating system is not limited
my outside appearances.  When designing an operating system, the programmer
seeks the simplest harmony between machine and ideas.  This is why an
operating system is easier to design."
    The warlord of Wu nodded and smiled.  "That is all good and well, but
which is easier to debug?"
    The programmer made no reply.
    -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"