This directory contains descriptions for the functions that
        Amylaar's version of the LPC parser, expects to find in the
        master object (similar to lfuns, but for the master object
        only). The name of the master object is hardcoded in the
        parser (to "secure/master").

        The master is the gateway between the interpreter and the
        mudlib to perform actions with mudlib specific effects. Calls
        to the master by the interpreter have an automatic catch() in
        effect. Functions to be called by the driver can be public
        or static, but not private.

        Note that the master is loaded first of all objects. Thus you
        shouldn't inherit an other object, nor is the compiler able to
        search include files (read: they must be specified with full

        Amylaar says: actually, you can inherit, but the file will be
        loaded then before the master, which isn't good for most

        Refer to 'master-all' for the survey of the masters internals.


	efun(E), applied(A), concepts(C), driver(D), lpc(LPC)

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